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The PAVERART Engraved Fundraising Difference

Running a Non-profit is tough! Delivering against the organization mission requires dedicated staff, and of course, funding. Every organization has their own methods, from annual drives, walks, product sales, etc to raise the funds needed to provide their services.

Personalized engraved brick fundraising has been a popular option for organizations of all types for a number of years. There are plenty of companies that provide this service, and we at PAVERART offer engraved bricks as well. BUT....

What makes PAVERART a bit different however is our core business: PAVERART!

Many organizations take a strategic approach to their fundraising campaign. In other words, they are just not selling bricks for fundraising, they are creating DESTINATIONS for their organization. Think Courtyard. Plaza. Promenade. Resting area.

PAVERART designs do 2 things:

1) Create the "focal point" of a destination

2) Create a much higher "price point" for fundraising.

Part of the challenge with brick fundraising is also its basic benefit. Generally speaking, Bricks sell for $75-$300, a nice donation and generally speaking great margins. But like all "markets," there's a high end price point and a lower price point. In the world of donors, the dollars can get very large.

But would you really sell a brick for say $5-10k? PAVERART designs give you that option.

One great example of a Non-profit organization that has created a "destination" is Demolay International. Check out this video, a quick walk-through of 5 PAVERART designs representing historical DEMOLAY logos over the years.

Want to learn more?

Check out our Fundraising page at PAVERART.

And don't forget to check a sampling of past School PAVERART designs over on our School page

We'd love to hear from you!


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