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Engraved Fundraising: The Joy of Partnerships

Engraved Brick fundraising campaigns can be a tremendous success, but they are challenging!

We've seen a variety of different approaches, from selling simple bricks, to selling our marquee PAVERART designs. Sometimes, clients decide to put it all together.

At PAVERART, the memorable projects tend to be the challenging one's with plenty of moving parts.

Multiple people to coordinate with.

  • A range of possible outcomes that determine if success is met, or not.

  • Many moving parts and people that are involved, all with different roles.

  • Deadlines, sometimes changing, or as I like to think of it as "FLUID!"

  • Curveballs: Unexpected challenges.

What makes all projects worthwhile is not just the successful manufacturing of the product we are supposed to produce, but the CUSTOMER.

Barnum Woods in East Meadow NY is a great example of a customer we are proud to support. The below pictures captures their courtyard install and the video is a great time lapse sequence of the install.

What was the most exciting part of the project?

Simple, but I have to say: THE WEEKEND TEXT messages showing the initial ground-breaking and install. It is flat out exciting seeing a grass area transformed into a plaza with over 200 names on bricks and the beautiful school logo being installed in PAVERART, and knowing that logo will last forever. There's something extremely satisfying about that.

As for our Customer? On projects like this, THEY do the HARD work. Fundraising is not easy. Developing a vision and pulling it off is not easy either. Running a school? Can't even imagine that!

At PAVERART, it's a privilege to be work alongside customers that are trying to make their organization stronger. In the process of that, when things get "beautified" we consider that a close second. But without that customer, beautification will never see the light of day.

Congrats to all of our friends at Barnum Woods. Looking forward to supporting you in the years ahead.

Barnum Woods Custom School Logo & Engraved Pavers by PAVERART

Barnum Woods Courtyard

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